Wooden and Iron Handrails

There are ramps that are available in different designs like with wheels or without wheels. It is all your choice what you will buy or rent to get the job done. The wooden handrails are often cheaper than the iron but that's where the profit ends. 

A wooden hand rail system will be delivered to your house in separate parts and you will have a difficult task in attempting to put together the staircase. You will have already paid full price for the handrail and if you cannot put the handrail by yourself you will have to spend more money hiring a professional to do it for you. 

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Iron handrail on the other hand will be delivered to your property already fixed and in one piece. All you will need to do is position it in the area where you want the handrail placed and secure it with the proper tools.

When it comes to durability, iron lasts a lot longer than wood and is also a lot sturdier. A wooden handrail will need to be treated first so that pests will not be able to live in it and eventually destroy it. Even if you use treated wood, iron will still be more durable.