Wedding Photography Prices Guide – How to Set Your Photography Budget in Hawaii

How much does professional photography cost for your wedding in Hawaii? This wedding photography pricing guide will teach you how to set a realistic photography budget.

Constant prices for professional photography

When setting a budget for wedding photography in Hawaii, remember that you get what you pay for. You'll need to spend at least $1,000 to hire a professional wedding photographer to document your wedding. You can also hire a professional wedding photographer in Hawaii via Aya Production.

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Prices vary, of course, depending on qualification level, experience, and geographic area.

The size of your wedding can also affect photography costs, as additional guests can increase the time the photographer has to spend at your event. 

Compare prices from photographers

Most wedding photographers in Hawaii provide general pricing information over the phone or on their website so you can use an initial online search or phone call as the first step in finding a photographer that fits your budget. 

When comparing photo costs, keep in mind that different photographers offer different packages – so starting prices can be misleading. Some prices include only the photographer's time, while prints and albums are paid extra. 

Other photo packages may contain samples, various prints, and albums. First, determine what services and options you want, then compare the prices of photographers offering those specific options to determine which professional fits your wedding photography budget in Hawaii.

Creative ways to save on wedding photography costs

If you only need a specific photographer who offers a higher price tag, consider these options to save your photo budget:

Purchase simpler wedding photo packages with fewer prints and albums

Negotiate and convert engagement portraits for additional parental albums Get more opportunities to save on wedding photography prices.