How to Do Knee-To-Toe Inspection of Sports Socks

Crew socks are worn pulled up and scrunched down to the ankle, with the longer length adding extra flexibility. They come in different materials, colors, textures, and styles to fit into your daily life, whatever you are doing. They can be worn with sportswear, jeans, business suits, casual wear.

If you exercise, you know the importance of sports socks. You may have your own problem with socks. How do you choose socks that last longer, are more comfortable, caring, or breathable? You can buy the best crew length socks at

Here's a handy guide on how to measure athletic socks before you buy.

Rubber bracelet

The elastic at the top of the sock should consist of a very stretchy yet comfortable strap that stretches with every movement and returns to its comfortable density every time. In soccer, the elastic must be tightly attached around and over the calf just below the knee. When running or playing basketball, the elastic should wrap around your ankle comfortably. 


Sports socks are now equipped with the most modern functions for sweat extraction, temperature regulation, and ventilation. Acrylic and synthetic fiber blends are ideal materials for today's sports socks. Consider spandex, lycra, nylon, spandex, and their various blends.


The entire area of the sole shall be provided with suitable cushioning to soften the entire surface of the sole. The cushioned sole increases durability and prevents foot injuries by providing comfort, managing sweat and moisture, and preventing blistering.

Bow support

Look for socks with natural-looking arch support that wrap comfortably around the arch of the foot. Proper arch care will also prevent socks from piling up.


Socks with a smooth toe design, preferably seamless, are one of the most comfortable socks, especially in soccer and other sports that involve a lot of kicking and walking. Rough and jagged stitches in the toe area should be avoided as they can cause irritation.