Privacy Screen and Room Dividers

As for the bulkhead and room divider, they are basically the same and are used to divide large spaces in the room or to be used as decorative elements. 

Asians call it a privacy screen and westerners call it a room divider. A few decades ago they were used in both the royal palaces of Asia and Europe. 

Most of these screens consist of three or more panels hung together and are now used as decorative room dividers for small apartments.and for more useful links you can visit their website.

In the last few decades, designs and styles have changed a lot and these screens are not just for home use. Screens are used in restaurants, hospitals, offices, exhibitions and more. 

Decades ago, these sails were made of wooden frames and cloth. Today they can be made of any material. The more unique they are, the better the artists are at creating some really interesting designs.

For example, you can now purchase a privacy screen made of stained glass or sandblasted glass, or glass, glazed and engraved glass. There are also many that are made of soft metal and decorated with fine art. 

Then there are plastic screens that are printed and various colors are added to the printing process. If you have your own ideas, you can create a custom screen.