Energy Efficiency With Retractable Awnings, Just In Time For Spring

About 90% of homeowners want to implement any sort of environmentally friendly or energy-saving changes. Retractable awnings provide a two-fold solution that combines energy efficiency and operational recreation.

Retractable awnings reduce AC energy use by an average of 20 percent, but they also make outdoor areas cooler and provide protection from sun, UV rays, wind, and mild rains, so outdoor areas are more livable and enjoyable. You can find the best retractable outdoor awnings in your area.

retractable outdoor awnings

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According to the Commerce Department, sunlight raises indoor heat almost 90% and is the largest contributor to indoor temperature changes. Most energy efficiency measures try to deal with the heat after it's reached the house interior.

Retractable awnings provide an extremely straightforward and relatively inexpensive route to control indoor temperatures. 

They're cost-effective for several different reasons, such as a long lifetime , easy setup, and flexibility in where they can be used, from windows to porches, front doors and walkways. 

Two additional features – motors and the retractable awning solution-dyed acrylic fabric  are good for budget buyers because they make retractable awnings, even more, energy-efficient, using very little or no extra cost.

While awnings cause a significant decrease in air conditioning use, and for areas with longer autumn and winter seasons than summer, that rise can increase annual electricity bills. Retractable awnings are easy to close, allowing in powerful solar heating in winter, that they don't impact heating bills.