Twin Over Queen Bunk Beds Are The Most Popular Beds That Consumers Choose

In the past, users used a double bed because the average bedroom size was small. Nowadays, modern bedrooms are so spacious that they have become a popular trend. Also, people get twin over queen bunk beds to give their room a classy look. 

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Contrary to the popular belief that one size fits all, there are a variety of double bed frame sizes to choose from. Queen bed frame measures 60 "wx 84" l, queen split bed frame actually consists of 2 mattresses that fit into a 30 "wx 80" l bed frame, and finally, the Queen Olympic bed frame measuring 66 "wx 80" l.

Although the standard queen bed frame measures 60 "W x 80" L, the above options mean there will be more than one size to choose from depending on available bedroom space and the customer's height. 

Queen mattresses are also available in various sizes and thicknesses, from 9 "to over 11". While it's easy to get sheets that fit a standard queen bed, it can be more difficult to get custom sheets unless you're shopping or custom made to order Olympic queen sheets.

Platform bed frames are popular in modern bedrooms because they have simple lines, may not be spring-loaded, and are compact. Hence, they are also suitable for homes with smaller bedrooms, as they offer space under the bed to store extra items. 

Those with the money to buy a quality platform for bedding can get a well-made design with very rich finishes and different colors. The Japanese penchant for low furniture inspired platform bed frame designs, as they are based largely on clean lines, monochrome colors and not too high.

Choosing Twin Captains Bed For Your Kids

Now that your child is a grown-up, he or she would unquestionably need a bed of his or her own. You can check the beds for kids in the market which are typically twin-sized beds. There are many alternate options than acquiring a standard platform bed. You can hop over to this website in case you are looking for a twin captain's bed for your kid.

A captain's bed is a variety of platform beds that includes storage spaces that are integrated into the framework of the bed. The storage generally is composed of drawers that are located below the bed. 

For houses with the restricted areas in the bedrooms, this is a reasonable choice. A good amount of space can be saved with captain's beds as the things of your kid will be positioned on the storage area beneath the platform. 

Captain's bunk bed for kids

Normally, these beds take up the space of a normal twin bed. You can also neatly organize the things of your kid. You can segregate the stuff of your youngsters to drawers for toys, clothes, textbooks, and others.

A captain's bed is commonly made of wood which is more robust as opposed to beds built of metal so it has a tendency to last long. You can select from distinctive designs and kinds. 

Seeing that this bed is for little ones, you can come across colorful models. You can also pick out modern, antique, contemporary, oak, cherry, and other numerous finishes. There are also captain's beds that come with themes like cartoon or motion picture characters.