Information On Product Design For Inventors

Product design is an important part of developing your idea into a marketable product. It is a process that takes into account the function, appearance, and manufacturing method of the product. Inventors can do this themselves, but you may need to hire a professional product designer. Product design can also help answer two important questions:

Is my idea technically feasible?

A product development company can evaluate the feasibility of an idea to ensure your product will work and be available for production. For some simple products, this step may not be necessary, but for others, it's important to ensure that time isn't wasted visualizing or prototyping ideas that aren't viable.

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Track Design

Prototyping Engineering – If your project requires a prototype, make sure your designer does the computer design phase that generates a 3D model of your idea. This can then be confirmed by you before the prototype is produced. This level of design development is important if you plan to develop your own idea, but is not always necessary if you plan to sell your idea to a company.

Product Overview – The designer creates an impressive product presentation that quickly conveys all the main benefits and features of your idea. It can be sent to companies or investors so they can fully understand your idea very quickly, often without the need for an initial face-to-face presentation.

In short, product design is an important part of developing your idea and can help you assess the feasibility of the concept. There are several options when it comes to design, and it's important to know exactly what you're paying for. Always ask for recommendations before contacting a product designer.