Reasons to Decide On New Air Conditioner Installation

There are some reasons why you should choose to install an air conditioner in Eltham. Ac units have a life expectancy of approximately ten years. It's time for your ac unit to be replaced if it is more than eight years old. This will save you money on repair costs and energy bills.

It's better to wait for it to die than to do nothing. It's not worth the discomfort of breathing without it. You can also check out here to get more information about ac installation in Eltham.

ac installation in Eltham

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1. Modern air conditioners can save you up to 60% on cooling costs. This is a significant number, considering that cooling costs account for the largest portion of energy costs for both homes and businesses.

The minimum SEER (Seasonal Efficiency Efficiency Rating) for newer models is 14. Even older units that have been in service for less than a decade have a SEER rating of around 9. Higher SEER ratings mean greater energy efficiency and lower costs.

2. It will be produced in very limited quantities up to 2020. As time passes, you can expect more demand for it and less availability. Manufacturing will cease and no more products will be produced. It's over when the R22 Freon supply runs out.

3. It’s not just an issue that affects outdoor air quality. Smoke, radon, and chemicals can all affect indoor air quality. Low indoor air quality is a serious threat to your health. Building materials, insulation, carpeting, and furnishings can release pollutants. Pollutants from the outside, such as vehicle exhaust and industrial chemical substances, make their way into indoor spaces.