How Do You Get A Phobia?

The fear of flying spiders, fear of wide areas, fear of enclosed spaces and heights, fears of the sun, and or fear of dying; are only a few of the most common fears, sometimes referred to as phobias. Millions of people across the globe struggle on a regular every day. The question is, what causes fear?

If you have a phobia of the plane( also known as phobie de l avion), then you are aware of how debilitating and difficult this can get. Certain fears are so severe as well as powerful, that they may affect a person's entire life.

For instance, most people who suffer from agoraphobia are often not able to leave their homes. In such cases, those suffering from anxiety disorder will not have an active and fulfilling life. They won't have the same opportunities to enjoy the things that people who don't suffer from phobias can accomplish.

Most fears can be traced to a single source. The cause of this is actually a different fear. It's called fear for the unknowable.' A majority of people suffer from fear because they don't know or understand the event or situation that they feel an intense fear of. 

There are other fearful behaviors that might not have a foundation in any way. A lot of the phobias sufferers have cannot be traced back to a primary cause or a reason. 

If you're wondering why can you overcome fear and you are unable to come up with a blanket solution that can be linked to the root of every phobia around the world.