Affordable Tiling in Perth – All You Need to Know

You will be pleased to retile your bathroom or changing a dirty, dingy, old backsplash in the kitchen with nice new ceramic tiles. You are also aware of the fact that your DIY skills are not really steller and calling in a professional tile company will be the only way to turn out your tiling project the right way. You can hire a professional tiling service in Perth from

This is something that you are pretty sure you can not afford right now so you resign yourself to having to postpone it for another year. Not so fast. There are ways to save money on your new tile installation and still get a beautifully updated kitchen or bathroom you have been craving.

Tile size

Request a ceramic tile salesman to steer you towards the most economical size for the area you will need to be covered. Tiles that measure four inches by four inches or even six inches by six inches are often the right choice for a bathroom floor and the total bill at the tile store will obviously be less. Even better, with fewer tiles to install your tiling professional's bill will be smaller too.

Mix and Match

If there is a certain rather expensive tile you would dearly love to use in your remodeling project don't discount it right away because doing so would break your budget. Instead mix and match fewer of them with a plain, cheaper ceramic tile for an effect that will look clean and pulled together while still costing you less.

Getting the Quality Work Done for Your Bathroom Tiling

If you are planning about having your bathroom tiled or retired,  the following will give some pointers to help you make the project easy to complete and avoid the pitfalls that can turn it into a nightmare. You have to plan your bathroom tiling project very carefully. 

Choosing Bathroom Tiles and patterns:

There is a wide range of tiles available that means conceptual designs are potentially unlimited. However, for quality tiling, you should seek professional help from tilers since they know from experience that you can get carried away and end up with a design that might not fit the room it was intended for.

The first step is to choose a design pattern, without deciding you can not start planning your bathroom tile installation. Try to do some research before you approach a professional. There are many resources on the internet where you can find an example of a design pattern. It is better to approach the designers with the idea in mind of what you are trying to achieve. 

The room size can dictate the size of the tiles you use. A good design pattern on large tiles can confound the small bathroom. If you go for a plain colour, size is not so important, but try to follow the above rule anyway. Think about the contrast between floors and walls. Try to imagine the space as a whole not just the walls of your tiles.

How to Choose a Good Company in Perth to Install My Tile Floor

One of the most recent home improvement trends now is the installation of tile flooring. All anyone has to do is watch a home improvement television show or a house buying show and they will soon learn how desirable the tile floors are. This is why homeowners are in hot pursuit of tiling experts in Perth. Homeowners want to enjoy the look and ease of care a hardwood floor can add to a house.

Because the installation of tile flooring is so popular right now, there are many so-called contractors who set up shops to make a quick buck. Although there are many tile installation contractors that offers quality work at an honest price, there are also many who do not have a problem with ripping off customers with inferior work or using inferior products.

Some will promise to start the work, take the customer's money and disappear, never to be heard from again. Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can protect themselves from shady contractors. Here are some tips for homeowners on how to protect themselves:

1. Get references from other customers:

This is one of the best methods to find a fair and high-quality tile contractor. If the homeowner noticed that a friend, colleague or family member has the floor they admire, they have to ask for a referral. A quality contractor would not risk their good reputation by offering future customers bad service. 

2. Research affordable price for residential floor Installation:

Several phone calls to various flooring contractor must give the homeowner an idea of what they can expect to pay for an affordable flooring installation project. Homeowners should make sure they get the most affordable price quotations, while also making sure they get an affordable quote from a reputable contractor.