Types of Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field that offers many options for people looking to improve their appearance. There are four main types of cosmetic dentists: general, restorative, implant and laser dentists. Each type of dentist has its own approach to treating teeth and gums and may be better suited for certain types of patients. 

-General cosmetic dentists work with all types of teeth and can provide treatments such as reshaping dental crowns, filling cavities and removing tooth decay. 

-Restorative cosmetic dentists use a variety of techniques to restore teeth to their original shape and color.

-Implant cosmetic dentists place artificial teeth into the mouth using either dental implants or removable prostheses (metal or plastic pieces that look like teeth). 

-Laser cosmetic dentists use lasers to remove unwanted teeth, correct tooth alignment and remove dark spots from teeth. 

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What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists specialize in treating and preventing oral diseases. Their main focus is keeping teeth and gums healthy by cleaning, removing debris and performing other preventive care procedures.

Some dental hygienists also provide basic dental services such as tooth removal or work on braces. Unlike dentists who perform all of the treatment themselves, most hygienists work under the direction of a doctor or dentist.

Even so, it’s important to be informed about which treatments your dentist recommends because many treatments done by hygienists are covered under dental insurance, although they may not have the same benefits as those recommended by a dentist.