What’s So Great About Ozone Water Purification In Canada?

You may have heard of ozone for water purification, maybe not. But guess what? There are several compelling reasons why you need to increase your awareness and understanding of one of the most effective natural water purification sources that can affect the earth, namely oxygen.

Nebula Ozone, though better known as part of that nasty tan layer you see flying, is actually one of nature's most powerful protectors. “Good” ozone acts as a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, protecting the earth from harmful UV rays. 

And here on Earth's surface, ozone is safely generated using electrical power from an ozone generator, so it can be used as a powerful non-chemical disinfectant in water purification applications ranging from aquariums, water parks, and public swimming pools to hot springs, bathtubs, commercial laundries, and bottled water.

However, the process enters the initial mode after a while with the release of O. During the active phase as O3, ozone enters the antibacterial state. This is where ozone comes in handy for sterilizing critical equipment used in surgical procedures and other important hospital sterilization equipment used in hospitals. 

Ozone sterilizers are sold in liquid form that can be applied directly to medical instruments and equipment used for surgical and other research purposes.