About Stainless Steel Guardrails

Stainless steel railings offer a lot of protection. You can install it in different areas such as pedestrian walkways, work stations and transformer zones.

You can use it for various functions, e.g. For example: protect your equipment from forklift damage, protect buildings from damage and prevent and minimize traffic accidents. You may browse online for other safety guards and protectors.

There are many types of fences that you can use. The most common are:

W-beam: This is a standard road and luggage rail, which is often made of high quality steel. To protect stainless steel from environmental influences, they are usually made of zinc and other materials.

Bolt rails: These have brackets that allow you to attach sliding parts to the structure after installation is complete. The cool thing about this fence is that it's easily accessible.

Bolt Rails: This type of fence uses hand tools and drills.

When installing a fence, make sure the top edge of the guardrail is between 39 and 45 inches above the walking area. You must take into account all circumstances in the calculation.

You need to ensure that the gap between the top of the rail and the floor is protected by an intermediate rail that you must install between the top and the floor.

When posting, you must install it so that it does not leave a gap of more than 19 inches. The only purpose is to prevent slippage between the rail and the floor.