Heres How you Become a Professional Insulation Contractor


Whenever home insulation is needed, insulation contractors are called to get the job done. These are professionals who are known to work with various types of insulation with the use of different materials. Whether the job requires to be done on an industrial, commercial, or residential project, these professionals know how the work is done. If you’re aiming to become an insulation contractor, then make sure you put in your efforts along with following these tips.

  1. Education in High School – In order to start your journey in becoming an insulation contractor is to apply in high school education. In school, you will be learning on various concepts such as insulation drafting, physics, woodworking, geometry, and algebra.
  2. Get in for an Apprenticeship Program – Once your education in high school is done, now you are required to finish an apprenticeship program. This program is a mixture of 2 things; theories taught inside a classroom and field work training.
  3. License Application – This is the most important step after finishing high school and apprenticeship program. Every insulation contractor is required to have a valid license to do their work. Get your license by passing the exams. The exams are held in order to test your knowledge on insulation related things. And if you don’t pass the exam, you won’t be allowed to work. And if you try to work without a valid license, then you are up for trouble.

After becoming a professional insulation contractor you can carry out work on closed cell insulation and many more.

What are the Different Types of Insulation?


There are many types of insulation available today where these are the most common ones.

Roof Insulation – The roof insulation comes in 2 types as follows.

  1. Warm Loft – This insulation is done on the roof’s lower portion. The warm insulation is considered to be slightly expensive when compared to cold loft. 
  2. Cold Loft – This insulation is done on the ceiling’s upper portion.

Door and Window Insulation – The door and window insulation usually depend on the glazing spaces of the windows. The greater number of glazing on the windows, the warmer and silence the house will be experiencing.

Wall Insulation – This insulation is done on the walls of the inner and outer side. Inner insulation is done to offer maintained temperatures of the house. On the other hand, the outer insulation offers as a covering for the front portion of the house.

Floor Insulation – Now, floor insulation is considered to be expensive compared to other types of insulation. This type of insulation should only be done if required. Moreover, it is important to understand the floor type of before insulation. Old houses will require to spend additional amounts on insulation since the floors are known to be suspended. While newer houses do not require additional spending since the insulation is to be done on the inner side of the concrete floor.

Closed cell foam insulation is another type of insulation done.