Pocket-Sized Survival Kit

There are many commercially available survivals kit in stores today. Many of these kits contain items of poor quality. If, at any time, you find yourself having to rely on man-made items for survival, the items that need to be of excellent quality. One part of your kit can mean the difference between life and death.

Because we all do not engage in activities outside the same room, one size kits are not practical. The items in your kit relative to the activity you engage in. If you decide that you prefer to buy a ready-made kit from a local retailer or online store, there is a good chance you will remove or replace some of the items in the kit to better meet your needs. You can buy nylon pararope from various internet sources.

For example, you may decide to replace fishing hooks with some safety pins, or take waterproof matches and put in a small cigarette lighter. You may not care for the wax-covered cotton balls, but opted for a cotton ball rubbed with oil jelly as better fire axes.

Something to consider: If half or more of the items at the end of the kits purchased to be replaced, or removed altogether, then the price of 'bought' kit you have just risen. In the end, you may realize that it is cheaper to put together your own kit.

A popular choice for today's small survival kit is that of Altoid-size tin can. It is both lightweight and multi-use container style. Tin which can be used to drink water from, as a signal mirror, a means to create a char-cloth with and even boiling water for disinfecting and cooking.

A box of aluminum larger size is also something to consider, although it should be noted, due to the larger size, it may not be portable and easily carried on a belt. One of the containers to be considered is the Adventurer Aluminum Box Survival Kit sold by Best Glide ASE.

Now for the details on what to put in your kit. If you ask 20 experts to survive what should go into a survival kit, you might get 20 different lists. One reason is that not all expert’s survival has a similar background or experience.