Tips on Introducing a California School Age Child to Art

Begin a child art activity with color. Review the first colors, red, yellow and blue. Discuss what primary colors mixed together make the secondary colors, orange, green and violet. Have the youngsters experiment with mixing colors. I like to recommend using plastic or foam disposable plates for mixing colors.

California school age art activity can help develop the child's concentration, creative-thinking, artistic, organizational and manipulative skills. An art activity encourages kids to experiment and explore the planet around them. They're going to see color, shape and form in the sky, trees, buildings and other people in their environment.

Provide a spread of paints, paper and tools to make with. Tempera paint works well for many school age art activities, but introduces them to watercolor and acrylic paints. For paint tools, have the youngsters try different sized brushes, sponges, feathers and string. There are many institutes in California such as School Wix which provide best school age art services.

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There are many sorts of paper they will paint on like plain paper, paper , newsprint, shiny paper, cardboard, fine sandpaper and occasional filters. For fun try painting on tile, wood, fabric, clay pot, glass, or a rock. Let the California school age experiment with how different media on different objects seems.

Provide plain paper to form sample swatches to ascertain what colors they need made. Show them the way to add black or white to make shades and tints. Abstract style paintings are easy to experiment with. Allow them to paint strokes, shapes and features to make a singular painting.

Landscapes also are easy to introduce. Show them photographs of landscapes in several seasons in order that they can see different colors in nature. they will paint a sunset, rainbow, snow scene or spring flowers. Make a frame with black paper to display their art.