The Challenges Of Multiple Generations In The Workplace In Atlanta

Each generation brings its own perspectives, experiences, and value systems in the workplace, and each should be understood and celebrated for what it brings to the table. Challenges clearly arise when what one generation brings is clearly different from another and no one, let alone another value, can understand it. 

Builders are about 63 years old and above, so currently the smallest category. These are traditionalists who value hard work and dedication, loyalty to the cause and the company. If you want to learn more about how to manage multi-generational work in the workplace then you can check this out.

“Whatever it takes” is their motto and they will do just that to get their job done. But the builders loved it as usual; what works for them will work for others. They are not enthusiastic about technology and may be slow to see it as an advantage.

They were raised by depressed parents who often screamed and saved up for something. Boomer believes that with hard work, education, and long hours, they can climb the corporate ladder, and that’s important to them. 

They have an “I can do it” nature and work hard to overcome obstacles. However, they tend to accept change only if it is useful to them personally and not necessarily “for the whole”.