Mobile Broadband For Laptops & Desktops

Mobile broadband is in great demand for a number of reasons. Cell phone sales have skyrocketed, and statistics show that the number of cell phones sold in Ireland exceeds the number of landline sales. Apart from cellphone users, there are also laptop users who use mobile broadband.

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The number of people using laptops and other types of mobile computers is also increasing every year. Apart from the two categories above, there is a third group that wants to choose mobile broadband.

There are many desktop users who prefer mobile broadband. These computer users do not want to use a landline broadband connection because they are using the Internet economically and therefore do not want to charge an installation fee or a fixed monthly subscription.

The principle of mobile broadband is that Internet access is provided without a telephone or optical cable. High-Speed Packet Access (HSDPA) is a service that allows Internet access without a fixed telephone line or power supply.

The modem connects the Internet to the computer via a USB port. This type of modem is often called a dongle. Dongles are usually compatible with desktops. Mobile broadband connection requires a USB dongle, USB stick and mobile data card to connect to a laptop, etc.

The dongle is portable and convenient for users who are on the move and want to have access to the Internet while working on various mobile or fixed devices. Dongles are available on the open market. However, to ensure the speed and reliability of the service, it is better to buy it through a broadband provider.