Mindfulness At Work Is Important In Silicon Valley

Wisdom is a living practice at the moment. It begins with paying attention to the world of the living senses. Sounds, smells, movements, and colors in your field of vision.

Mindfulness is a practice anywhere, anytime. Watch out means you are just watching and swallowing. You stop analyzing and judging. The only thing that connects you most with the moment is your breath. Womens mindfulness therapy for anxiety in Silicon Valley can help an individual a lot.


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Just watching it flow out of your body is an exercise in mindfulness. If you want to take it a little further, try extending your breath by counting 6 slowly as you inhale, counting 6 on pauses, and counting 8 on the exhale.

Practice mindfulness at work

You may see the benefits of mindfulness in your personal life, but how can you practice it at work? How do you fit into your busy schedule? Is it socially adequate to just sit and breathe? What will your coworkers think when you close your eyes to listen and relate with your body?

The answer is: It is very much accepted in many professions. If not, you can try to explain and provide a link to the information.

If you're unsure, or if your work stress involves an unpleasant coworker and a threatening environment, you can take a minute or two of an hourly meditation break, including a pleasant break or a short walk to another location.