Different Uses Of Mask

As human beings, we want to look attractive. And for that, we use a lot of things or accessories in our bodies. We want to emphasize our beauty. One such thing that can add to the beauty of people is the mask that is used to cover the face.

People wear masks for protection, fashion, disguise, to avoid recognition or to entertain others. It has been in the history of the old people. They use this as a protective amour. And for some, it is part of their culture. 

Designermasks are used by different people according to the type of event and their needs. People wear fashionable masks that make them look more attractive and luxurious. 

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For different types of games such as baseball, rugby, and football, and so on, masks act as a protective shield for the face. This is a safety device made specifically for a variety of games. 

Masks are also used to filter toxins and other hazardous chemicals that can be inhaled by the body. In the medical field, mask is used to protect doctors from diseases that may possibly be taken from the patient. 

Masks in the theater are used by entertainers to get the attention of their audience, to make themselves attractive and also help as part of their performances. 

Ritual masks or culture masks are used for a particular purpose, perhaps singing their rites or to define themselves from other tribes. While some masks are part of the history used by ancient people during war or battle.

The mask is made of a variety of materials like cloth, leather or even paper. You can purchase these items at different stores.