All About Children’s Tea Parties

An enchanted Children's Tea Party is a popular theme for grandmothers and mothers to host a child's birthday party. In this age of limited time, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find enough time.

Children can usually be dressed in Sunday clothes and met by a Princess or another costumed character at the door.

Children are encouraged to wear their "princess" costumes at themed parties, such as Cinderella gowns and high-heeled shoes for children. Tiaras can also be worn on their heads.

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Be sure to plan every detail, especially considering the young age of your children. Keep the event moving by knowing the time and schedule. The games in Tea Rooms are limited in size. However, there are many games that can be played.

These include Musical Dots (similar to musical chairs but the children stand on large pieces of colored construction paper) and enchanted Disney music playing in the background.

Invite as many children to the Children's Tea Party as you can fit in the space. Grandma and Grandpa love to attend the Children's Tea Party, holding their cameras and taking photos of the children having a great time.

Make sure you have a selection of "grown-up" foods for your child's Tea Party. Ask your Tea Room Coordinator whether a modified Afternoon Tea is offered for adults.