Is it Beneficial to Hire a Love Relationship Coach?

I am a dating coach and as a coach, I have to talk to thousands of people who are seeking a partner or a long-lasting relationship. One thing that I have learned after meeting so many people is that the people who have a strong self-belief have an advantage in dating. You can know details about the impact of self-esteem on a relationship via

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Let me share my own experience, actually, I was also one of those people who are extremely insecure. But I always managed to look collected and calm from outside. I grew up my self-esteem because my mom always used to say that I will have to struggle in finding a man if I will be insecure. 

The words of my mom always threaten me and I always used to think that maybe because of my high IQ I will never find my perfect man. There was also a time when I started to pretend that I have no IQ at all. 

Do you want to know how it worked? Pretty badly I would say. This insincerity of mine even pushed back the men who were interested in me. Then I get to know that if you cannot be yourself and have self-esteem while talking to others, they will never be interested in you. 

Self-belief is the foremost important thing to have and you cannot have a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship after losing your own self-esteem.