New Youtube Streaming Features For Content Creators

If you've included YouTube in your social media marketing strategy, you know how great it can be for your brand. It creates strong supporters and can turn fans into defenders of the brand. 

YouTube is now planning to release a new feature that will allow content creators to enhance the videos they add to their channel and to improve live broadcast.

New Youtube Streaming Features For Content Creators

Image Source: Google

Here's a brief look at what will happen:

Better commenting system

Comments are an important part of your YouTube channel. This gives you an idea of what your audience is thinking and gives you the opportunity to engage with them. 

What you don't need is a lot of junk taking up space in your yard. The new system will help spread these types of spam comments and reduce their visibility. 

Improved live broadcast

This feature is great for creating content whether it's for fun, learning, or playing games. Live streaming is much easier to set up and manage.

Notifications for channel participants

There are billions of users on YouTube, and most of them subscribe to their favorite channels. You can use the new notification feature to inform your subscribers when you post new content on your channel.

Quick access to subscribed feeds

As a content creator, you can check your subscribed feeds to see who viewed your content. That way, you can monitor customer loyalty and show who your loyal followers are.

Manage videos wherever you are

Another feature is the ability to update thumbnails from your phone or tablet. You can also disable or enable video revenue provisioning on your mobile device.