Getting Started for Warhammer Fantasy players

The rule system has been significantly improved by Warhammer Fantasy. The game takes as little time as in Warhammer and has a much more tactical focus.

A flanking attack, even from trash, can inflict serious and potentially threatening damage to even the most elite units. The largest units fall if not defended. You can click here to read more about Warhammer games.

You can't advance with the Horde and expect to collect all the damage the enemy does to you. If you don't let it wait, if you leave your device flanked, it will turn off. Even the biggest, worst, and toughest units in the game, like the Horde of Knights or Legion of Ogres, will die quickly without a support unit.

Armies and units are balanced. There is no trap selection and no factions in Kings of War. Building a solid army roster doesn't mean choosing the best units, it's choosing units that work well together to achieve your goals.

You can use an existing collection of models. There may not be units for every model you have (e.g. no carcasses in Undead), but you can find applications in a number of ways (e.g. use them as primary filler in zombie legions), and most of your troops will become capable of moving around with fluent.

Multibasing gives you a lot of modeling freedom. Many players who have made the transition explicitly cite Multibase as something that really lets them go crazy with their hobby without any in-game penalties.