Need to Know More About Types of Visa

Visas are only entry documents. Will not you come and spend a holiday in the United States? Well, it is not only the advantage of US visas, but there are many indeed. US visas are documents that allow for travel and stay in the United States during a given time period.

There are many types of visas from tourist visa immigrant visa. It depends on the person, which type of visa they want. Your right to apply for settlement will depend on your current immigration category and whether you continue to meet the criteria for that category.

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A foreigner who visits the United States should go for non-immigrant visa for a temporary stay and an immigrant visa for permanent residence. The type of visa can be selected depending on the intended purpose of your visit to the United States. The two main categories of US visas available.

Visa immigrants – for permanent residence

Visa non-immigrant – for temporary stay or for a specified period of time

Deciding to stay permanently in the US is a very complex decision to make. Visas are allowed for those who want to reside permanently in the United States, regardless of whether he/she intends to work in the United States.