How Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Obtain Permanent Residence?

Many people dream of settling in America, even though it is uncertain today. With the new immigration laws, now is the best time to become an American citizen. An immigration lawyer can assist you in becoming a permanent resident of the United States. You can live and work in the USA for the rest of your life by becoming a permanent resident. 

If you are not allowed to stay in the US for long periods or break any US laws, you could be deported. These are five ways immigration lawyers can help to gain permanent residence in America. You can also hire trusted immigration lawyers in Phoenix from Milovic Law Firm.

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If you are an employment-based immigrant, your immigration lawyer may be able to get you certified under section 245K. You are offered a job in a specialized field here in the USA. You can apply for permanent residency within one year of being granted refugee or asylum status.

Many qualified immigration lawyers are available to assist you in determining which process is best suited for your particular situation. There are many immigration lawyers to choose from as many people consider the cost of hiring an attorney a major factor in choosing an attorney. Many people are granted green cards through marriage, sponsorship by their families, or their workplace. 

Some people are granted permanent residency through the lottery, special immigrant or refugee status. After you have found the best immigration lawyer to help you, you can start to understand the legalities of obtaining permanent residence in the United States. You will need to prove your admissibility to the United States if you want to apply for a visa.