Why Would Anyone Want To Learn How To Drive A Stick Shift?

Almost every new car comes with an automatic transmission in 2020, so why would anyone want to know how to drive a stick shift in 2020? Unlike the United States, most countries still have primarily manual transmission vehicles on the road. If you ever happen to travel to a foreign country and need to rent a car, knowing how to drive a stick shift will be a very valuable skill. Some people swear by driving stick shift cars exclusively, even when an automatic gear box is available.

The benefits of driving a stick shift range from reduced initial purchase price of a vehicle, to simply more enjoyment from the process of rowing your own gears. Technically, a manual transmission even gets better gas mileage due to the mechanics of how transmissions work. There is much less drive train power loss in a manual transmission compared to an automatic gear box with a fluid clutch. If this article has convinced you to learn how to drive a stick shift you can acquire this new skill from a video posted to TailHappyTV. You can learn all the basics within the first few minutes of the video, but if you stick around to the end you will have a much more thorough understanding of how to drive a stick shift car.