Holistic Yoga for Better Health

True yoga practice leads to better mental well-being, physical health, and spiritual growth. Let’s discuss some yoga benefits.

The word “yoga” refers to the union of the soul and Spirit. Yoga is “spiritual” in essence. Many people attempt to practice yoga without the “spiritual” aspect to it. We must understand that religion and spirituality are different things.

Let’s focus on the yoga benefits mentioned below or you can explore more about yoga by simply visiting www.hua.edu/product/holistic-yoga-concepts-and-techniques/.

Yoga Health Benefits: Flexibility, Strength, Posture, and More

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Yoga as an exercise helps the body by stretching the limbs and strengthening the muscles. This helps to get much-needed oxygen to body parts that may not always get the best circulation.

In conjunction with the postures and body movements, one tends to increase the heart rate and deepen the breathing.


A restless body tends to provoke a restless mind. A calm heart mostly leads to a calm mind. This is the initial stage of pranayama – breath control or life force control! A healthy mind is a mind that is calm, clear, focused, and able to concentrate.

 A healthy mind is stress-free. Ultimately, a still mind leads to awareness and finally, greater spiritual “experience”.


You don’t have to believe in a god or worship a higher power. But just as gravity is guaranteed, we all have thoughts. As our awareness of the soul grows, we realize that we are all part of the One Spirit. This one though is actually the only true reality.

In this way, we have “yoga” – the union of soul and spirit. This state is called by many names like Samadhi, Moksha, Kaivalya, Christ Consciousness, etc. This is the final state of existence.