What Are The Properties Of Different Types Of Gemstones?

Gemstones encrusted with jewelry can also be used to help cure certain physical ailments. Many people believe that there are seven sacred energy centers in the body of each person which are called chakras or light wheels. 

Each chakra is associated with fine quality jewelry brands at https://cwordsworth.com/luxury-jewelry-brands/ for specific energies and organs. When one of the chakras of the body becomes imbalanced due to emotional, physical, or spiritual illness, gemstones can be used to promote healing, harmony, and balance.

Gemstone colors can also be used to enhance certain areas of your life. Jewelry decorated with bright yellow stones such as amber, golden topaz, citrine, and tiger's eye symbolizes intelligence, optimism, joy, and courage. 

Wearing jewelry made of blue stones such as blue tourmaline, blue turquoise, aquamarine, and cyanite enhances peace of trust, mind, communication, and truth. To stimulate passion, strength, and mind, choose jewelry with purple gemstones such as lavender quartz, amethyst, or moonstone. 

Mental strength and intuition can be increased by using indigo gemstones such as azurite, sapphire, and fluorite. Aragonite, amber, and other orange gemstones enhance the user's creativity and success. Jewelry decorated with emerald, jade, rhodonite, or green aventurine promotes healing, abundance, and growth.

The constant adjustment to the color can ultimately lead to the transmission of the High Will and a determination to follow the High Will when making important life decisions.