How To Make A Cottage Garden Room

The typical garden room has a composition that looks natural and gives the room a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Lush, heavily cultivated kitchen utensils borders are set between paths of tightly mowed grass or difficult landscapes. With this simple guide, you can easily create a villa-style garden space. If you are looking for information about the garden room then you may check here

How To Make A Cottage Garden Room

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Plan- Get a view of your garden from above, point out aspects of the nearby houses, and point in the right direction. Include an overview of any existing features that you want to keep as a path or frame. Make a few copies now – you can change your mind or maybe add some other plans to your final garden space.

Alternatively, companion planting between your flower borders can be very successful. Fruit and tree crops prefer full sun as well as Mediterranean tree plants like rosemary, thyme, sage, and many more.

List your favorites-What plants should you have? Include them in your plan, then consider their preferred position.

Common local plants in villa gardens are easy to place – just take a look at their natural habitat. Dry ferns and foxgloves in full sun, they want at least partial shade and full glare protection.

Support- Well-prepared, compost-rich soil is a great start and saves feeding time throughout the growing season. Worth it before the plants enter.

Weeds can be controlled by covering the soil surface with dirt. After planting, however, you will find that your plants take root and weeds only appear in empty spaces where plants can easily be found and removed.