Healthy School Meals for Vegetarians

Ensuring that your child is eating healthy in school can already be a challenge; This is even harder if your child is a vegetarian. However, most schools today have devoted a lot of time and effort to research and come up with alternatives to improve their feeding programs. 

To ensure that they are compliant with contemporary dietary recommendations. For example, some schools are now serving yogurt as an alternative to meat as well as non-dairy cheeses instead of dairy ones. Basically, they offer the same nutrients in Australian school programs.

Healthy School Meals

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However, there are still many schools, which are still not offering healthy vegetarian options for school meals, giving fewer choices to vegetarian children. First of all, you can choose to prepare a bag lunch for your child or children. 

Bag lunches will ensure that they will be eating tasty and nutritious food rather than disposing of whatever is being served at school. You can make mini-pizzas that are made from whole wheat bread, tomato sauce, vegetarian salami or pepperoni slices, cheese, and some vegetable toppings such as mushrooms and bell peppers. 

You can also make a build-your-lunch box. This will include some high fiber rye or wheat crackers and some cheese or veg or vegan lunch meat that your child can put on the crackers. Some other great options will be fresh fruits, grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetarian pasta dishes, and even vegetarian.

Check if you can get a copy of the menu of the school cafeteria. This will give you and your child the opportunity to choose the best food option every day.