The Benefits of Anti Aging Light Therapy

Anti-aging light therapy comes in many forms. Most light machines or devices are a form of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. LEDs have become popular devices for anti-wrinkle facials at home, as well as being used in beauty clinics to perform skin rejuvenation or photo facials, to maintain a youthful appearance.

The main benefits are cell repair, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, and a healthy glow. Scientists believe that bright light therapy works on several different levels to correct misalignment of the body's internal clock. It is believed to stimulate the brain production of the neurochemicals responsible for being in a good mood. To know more about led light therapy facial treatments in Wellington, you may visit

People who live in sunny climates tend to have a brighter mood than those in climates where there aren't many hours of sunshine a day, especially in winter. So we know that one of the benefits of light is positive feelings. Anti-aging light therapy can also affect the signs of aging on the skin.

As we age, the support structure of the skins breaks and begins to sag. Just as the harmful rays of sunlight can damage the cells that produce elastin and collagen, good light can reverse these effects by providing a beneficial light spectrum.

Red light, monochromatic light, and LEDs that use red rays are most popular for collagen and elastin production, giving skin its firmness and elasticity. This type of therapy also supports cell repair, which is an added benefit to these types of facials. Compared to laser light which often exceeds the healthy measure and thus may also have some harmful side effects, red light is safer.