Interior and Exterior Architectural Rendering

With the help and guidance of an architect, you can now see or check your house before it is built. Your dream house can be realized by a creative renderer.

Every person dreams of owning a home that is fairytale-like to share quality time with their loved ones. Before the exterior design rendering and visualization techniques, only a few people were able to build beautiful homes.

architecture exterior render

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Rendering refers to the process of creating photorealistic effects on models created by architects, engineers, and technicians. Real-life effects can be achieved by using materials and objects that fit in with the interiors and exteriors.

The most important aspects of the process include lighting effects, shadow effects, and texture.

Description of interior rendering: Interior rendering is about presenting the model as natural or original. It shouldn't look like it was created by a rendering program.

A renderer must import an architectural model of the building into 3dx Max to render a living space. The furniture must be rendered in the correct color. The renderer can create a showcase in the living area and decorate it with showpieces, etc.

Description of exterior renderings: The only difference between exterior and interior rendering is the material used. You can use natural elements like sky and greenery, or water bodies such as fountains and swimming pools. Exterior rendering should be more prominent.

This allows the house owner to visualize his dream home in advance, which gives him a great deal of satisfaction.