Importance Of Executive Wellness Exam

Your executives spend a lot of time at work. They are an essential function of your business. They make the big decisions that impact every aspect of the company, drive the strategy, lead and manage various teams, and set an example both in and out of the workplace.

So where would you be without them? And, if a health issue takes them out of the office, do you wonder if it could have been prevented or caught earlier? The answer is probably yes. Your executives deserve the very best when it comes to their health because they do the very best every single day for your company. So how can you help them? The answer is by conducting an executive wellness exam.

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An executive wellness program is an employer's approach to achieving a healthy workplace by incorporating various health activities within the daily work schedule to promote their employees' wellbeing. The benefits of an executive wellness program are manifold.

89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts and most probably these kinds of programs are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. It often requires a culture shift within the organization – a new emphasis on health and wellness that must be expressed and “lived” from top to bottom in the company.