Lick Mats to Distract Your Dog

Does your dog feel anxious during a thunderstorm or does he always escape from bath time? A lick mat is a perfect solution you are looking for. Licking mats are flat mats designed for the dog to lick over and over. They are designed in a way that encourages licking. Lick mats can be used in different ways and each has its own benefit! They provide mental stimulation to your dog. You can get a variety of lick mats online through  E-mats by SodaPup are enrichment mats made for licking. 


Licking secretes the endorphins, helps to calm and soothe your pet. The Lick mat becomes a great distraction when given in a moderately stressful situation, for example when you leave the home or when unfamiliar guests are visiting.

Lick mats help to beat boredom and enrich your dog’s life. The pattern of the lick mats is very soothing, designed to provide a fun and stimulating activity for your dog.

The grooves of the lick mats help to clean your dog’s tongue and helps in removing particles and bacteria. This ultimately helps to improve your dog’s oral health. 

There are various food options that you can spread on lick mats like regular peanut butter, frozen peanut butter, Veggie purees, Plain greek yogurt, Cottage cheese, Mashed banana, Canned pumpkin. Adding a sweet ingredient to the lick mat is an enjoyable surprise. But you should also take care of the calories count.

So, if you are worried about your pup because he eats very quickly, then choosing the lick mat is the right option.