Abs Toning Belts – Who Needs Them?

If you do not have a regular exercise routine or cannot afford a gym membership, there are a few options available for you in the area of abs toning belts and waist trimmers. There are several options available that cost around $100. They come in a variety of styles including retractable straps, that can be worn on your waist or around the stomach.

An abs toning belts and a waist trimmer should have some similarities in features, as well as cost. These accessories are used to isolate targeted muscle groups for exercise. For example, the Ab Circle Pro is a belt that includes three metal rods surrounding a large circular steel coil. This coil provides a low resistance platform for multiple muscles to act against each other. When the user moves his or her weight back and forth on the belt, the coils activate the muscles in a natural motion, increasing the tension level and resistance.

Abs belt fashions also include other features such as a pressure sensor, gel, and heat. The pressure sensor allows users to adjust the tension without using extra force or even feeling the fabric of the product. The gel acts as a lubricant for the smooth movements. Heat also is used to increase the circulation and metabolic rate of targeted muscle groups while reducing any inflammation or pain caused by direct contact with metal.

Although abs toning belts and waist trimmers do not have an extensive history, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their innovative designs. The Ab Circle Pro is a common example of an abs toning belt and trimmer combination. Ab circle pro is an exercise machine consisting of two pieces: a pad and a belt. The belt has holes in it, which when squeezed and rolled over the stomach causes the fabric of the pad to stretch, pulling it into the abdominal area.

Another innovation on abs toning belts and waist trimmers seen at fitnesshub.co.uk is the hinged belt. This is an adjustable belt that is closed on one end and opens on the other end. It is often used to aid in exercising the core abdominal muscles, and is adjustable as to the amount of tension that can be applied to the user.

There are many types of abs belt and trimmer on the market. Many of these belts and trimmers contain a variety of different materials in them. The most common material to find in an abs belt is a flexible but stiff nylon or cotton material. The slendertone material found in many of these products is a man made fabric, that offers resistance similar to that of an ab roller. Different levels of intensity levels can also be found in abs belts and slendertone toning belts, the higher the intensity levels the more calories you burn, and the more effective in burning those calories is the slendertone toning belt.