A Simple Guide To The Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks

A kitchen sink with a zero radius is a dishwasher that is rectangular with a sharp 90-degree angle and perfectly straight edges rather than the more conventional curved shapes and slanted sides. 

A zero radius sink is one of the hottest elements in modern kitchen design. You can also buy zero radius washbasins through various online sites.

zero radius single basin sink

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If you're looking to buy a new sink, you've probably heard of sinks with a zero radius. But while most of the sink jargon is quite understandable, the "zero radii" isn't quite as clear-cut.

These are small differences, but surprisingly have a big impact on the overall appearance of the sink. Since most sinks have rounded corners – from traditional apron sinks to modern stainless steel sinks – a zero radius kitchen sink creates a striking modern look with the sharp lines of a kitchen sink. 

The zero radius kitchen sink also has several practical advantages over your standard kitchen sink. First and foremost, it is much easier to set the dishes in the sink without worrying that they will tumble because they are almost perfectly flat at the bottom. 

The glass remains flat and the pots and pans can be filled to the brim to soak. And because the corners of the sink are not rounded, you get a sink with a slightly larger capacity while taking up the same amount of space.