Must See Attractions in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland is full of natural beauty and historical landmarks that will take your breath away. Some of the best things to do in Dublin are clubs, sightseeing by tour bus or on foot, visiting historical sites and attractions, and visiting Dublin's historical museums. When you visit this city you will never be bored. The activities and sights on offer will keep you satisfied during your vacation.

Before leaving Dublin there are several places that can be visited such as Dublin Castle, Mansion House, Alchemy and St. Patrick's Cathedral. You can also plan the best day tours from Dublin via

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Historic sights in Dublin

When visiting Dublin, all you have to do is endure the city's historic past and visit its famous landmarks. A popular destination is Dublin Castle, which was built in 1204 and has been renovated quite a bit in recent years. Another famous place that you and your family can visit is the stunning Mansion House. Inside the Mansion House you will find the historic circular room where the suspension of Irish independence was put in order and the large rooms that still hold historical items to this day.

Dublin nightlife

Dublin nightlife is vibrant and full of fun. There are a variety of local clubs, bars and pubs to choose from when choosing your destination, such as Alchemy, Club M, Tripod, Copper Face Jack and The George. If you are looking for a very lively and busy club, Alchemy is an excellent choice. At Alchemy, the atmosphere is fun and exciting because it's located in the Temple Bar in the basement. This particular club plays a wide variety of music to please all visitors and also offers them some of the best breweries in Ireland.