Critical Aspects Of Human Resource And Its Management!

Human resource management is a broad term that covers many aspects of the personnel function. In this discussion, the focus is on three main aspects that make up human resources management.

  • Personnel Administration
  • Human Resources Development
  • Industrial Relations

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Critical Human Resources Management Is It So Good?

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Personnel Administration:

The employment and compensation are processed primarily in personnel administration. Although business firms have a constant need for manpower and to find out the right person for the particular job becomes a difficult task for them. 

They only way to get this by doing the proper analysis of employment to human resource planning, recruitment, selection, appointment, induction, and orientation. It is the human resources department's responsibility to define and grow these operational functions. 

Human Resources Development:

It's easier said than done. Companies try to evolve and make use of various training methods to improve the performance levels to meet the desired standards. The performance can only be obtained by putting some constraints so as to make sure that the workforce is protected by several sanctioning of labor laws applied by various governments. 

Industrial Relations:

The following factors should be considered by management to maintain good personal relationships with employees.

  • Motivation
  • Moral
  • Job satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Treatment of complaints
  • Disciplinary procedure
  • Quality of Work Life
  • Employee participation