Save Your Marriage With Couple Counseling

Is your marriage or other close relationship in trouble? Seeing a professional counselor could make all the difference. Working with a qualified third party can help you to put your problems in perspective and get through those rough patches all couples face.

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You might have some other misconceptions regarding the advice that needs to be addressed.

Consultants tell you what to do – Contrary to popular belief, consultants don't listen to your list of complaints and assign you homework. They will listen, that's true, but their "job" is to guide you through the process of identifying problems and finding your own solutions.

Advice is the last one – unfortunately, too many people use tips as a last resort and it's often too late to undo the damage.

When talking about counseling options, you can now apply some ideas to improve your relationship.

1. Engagement rules – Many couples mistakenly believe that the trick to building relationships is to avoid fighting. This usually causes two people to bite their tongue until every ounce of frustration they experience. Instead, you and your partner must set some rules of engagement and then continue your disappointment. Here are some rules for war:

a) No Summoning / No Curse – Arguments increase beyond the point of return when parties lead to personal attacks rather than resolve the issue.

b) Screaming – It may be difficult to hold back, especially if shouting is your defense, but when you realize how embarrassing others are, shout. Out when temperament goes out of control and back when everyone is calmer.