How Does a Fan Coil Unit Work?

Fan coils can be used for air conditioning in a single room or have a single line connected to serve multiple rooms. Heating or cooling usually comes through the building pipes on each block cold water to provide cooling in the summer and hot water through the pipes to provide heat in the winter.

Each condo fan coil unit is controlled by a manual on/off switch or by a thermostat and also includes a fan, coil, internal insulation liner and replaceable air filter.

Some fan coil installations allow fresh air to enter from the outside. Since most fan coil units are not designed to condition outside air, they usually don't have regulations in place to control the amount of outside air allowed. 

The problem with bringing in outside air is that the coil needs to be protected from freezing in cold weather. And during the hot summer months, the modules are not designed for the extra moisture that can be added. In short, these devices are really only designed to restore indoor air. Adding some fresh outdoor air can be desirable in some ways, but overall, this feature can do more harm than good.

In addition, dirt that builds upon the surface of your fan coil assembly can cause:

1. The fan and housing are so dirty that the fan speed is reduced;

2. The fan motor collects enough dirt to cause the motor to overheat.

3. The shock absorbers and mechanical links get dirty, which can also affect the normal operation of the device.