Pros of Concierge Medical Services

Concierge medicine is a private-pay healthcare system. It involves paying a direct fee to concierge doctors for their services rather than going through traditional health insurance. By paying your primary physician directly through a retainer, they offer additional benefits that you wouldn’t get elsewhere, such as quicker appointments, more personalized treatment, and more time with your doctor.

The reliable and trustworthy concierge medical services allow you to pay a monthly or annual fee for quick 24/7 access to your primary care physician. These services can be more expensive than traditional healthcare through insurance, but they offer many benefits worth the price.

Concierge services tend to have a higher monthly cost, but that higher price also leads to spending more time providing personalized medical care. Lastly, concierge services offer more premium services, such as testing and the ability to see specialists for medical issues. Direct primary care has a lower fee and is focused on saving money.

At times, you may have a medical concern or question that could be handled through a simple phone call or email. Concierge services typically do offer virtual correspondence in these situations when you prefer it. This option can save you from having to make an appointment when it’s just a simple issue.