What Is CNC Machining and How to Use A CNC Machine

When it comes to CNC machines most individuals have very limited knowledge about them. These machines are usually used for cutting metals in mills. With a CNC machine, you can build an assortment of things, and that is what makes it so useful. One can look for a CNC machining centre via ogis.com.au/metal-services/cnc-machining for their industrial purpose.

Here are some useful tips that can help a beginner master these wonderful machines.

A Decent Cutter:

Do not go for cheap Chinese knockoffs instead go for an affordable decent cutter that is easily available. At the initial stage, buy 3 flutes for aluminum and 4 flutes for steel. Be careful and always wear safety glasses.

Vice, Clamping Kit, and Parallels:

Vices might be a bit expensive but you will want one as it will serve you well for years. You'll need a way to mount your vise to the T-slots of your table, so you may as well get a clamping kit too. Any old kit will do. You will also need a set of parallels, at least until you get proficient at making step jaws


Get yourself a misting coolant setup. 

Using a MDI:

An important step is to run your CNC like it is a manual mill. So you can master the power feeds and manual drills on every axis. In the process you will learn a few basic G-codes which will be helpful to you in the future.

Use a Feeds and Speeds Calculator:

When you are doing your very first cuts make sure you get a feeds and speeds calculator so you can make sure your spindle speeds and feed rate are perfect for that first cut.