Five Major Points Before Planning A Room

The height above the ground from which prominent or outstanstanding objects on the ground can be seen and identified.

Before Planning for a room design or decor,think about the ceiling or you can also visit,

to get more information about ceiling. 

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Some of the options are:

1. Stretch Board:

Stretch ceilings have a very dramatic effect and are therefore reserved for larger events. You can get really innovative with stretch fabric ceilings. 

Possible uses can range from color, fabric type, using a ceiling as a projection surface to displaying videos or photos. Fabrics can be applied in various ways to give a room a three-dimensional effect.

2. Wooden Beams:

The wooden beams on the ceiling can add a spectacular and rustic feel to any home or room. Beams can be detached from the ceiling itself, hanging slightly under it, or mounted directly on it. 

Beams can be angled or straight, rectangular and smooth, or look a lot like an imperfect tree trunk. It is always good to have dark bars on the white ceiling for a very attractive appearance.

3. Tend to

Sloped ceilings are often seen on ceilings or in cathedral/holy place-style rooms. They are very alluring/attractive and give the room a very warm feel as if they encompass the contents of the room and unite everything including the people in it. The downside is that they make the room a bit smaller. 

4. Industry

Industrial-looking ceilings in homes and offices have been a hot trend for a while. Of course, this applies to properties like attics, warehouses, design firms, and other tough businesses. 

5. Structured

Textured ceilings are a good alternative to regular painted ones. They add a small dimension to a room while remaining simple and relatively simple.