Brewing Coffee At Home like A Pro

There is never a bad time for a cup of coffee. It always brings a good experience, whether you are alone, family or friends. Many people feel unable to make their own coffee at home as it tastes different from coffee shops and cafes. 

Many wonder if there is a secret ingredient or perhaps special equipment to achieve a perfect cup of coffee. The truth is that it does not take much to prepare a coffee that tastes as good as in cafes. However, there are important considerations that you must take to achieve the maximum flavor of this aromatic drink.

The Bean

The most important ingredient for great-tasting coffee is the bean. If you have poor quality beans, then you can't expect good coffee no matter how you make it. To buy great quality beans you can also check out

Start your preparation with fresh coffee beans. You can choose any variety you prefer as long as it is guaranteed fresh to ensure the flavors stay intact. Coffee beans go stale after a month or as early as 2 weeks if not stored properly.

Therefore, buying coffee beans from supermarkets is not a good option, as your beans will most likely be on the shelves for months. The best option is to find a local roaster, as they offer freshly roasted beans.

Remember to buy in small quantities that you can consume within 2 weeks to a month and store in an airtight container at room temperature to maintain freshness. The rest of the mysteries in preparing a perfect cup of coffee lie in the grind, temperature, proportion and quality of the water.