Specifications To Consider When Ordering Building Signs In Australia

There are several specifications to consider when ordering signs for your building. If you provide this information to your suppliers beforehand, they can make a quick offer to move the ordering process forward.

First of all, you have to consider the character size. You can refer to existing dimension symbols. If an existing character is not available, consider using it. A typical room number plate size is 6"x6" and a typical toilet sign is 6"x9". Depending on the area, you can choose something larger or smaller. For more information about building signs, you can explore this link.

Second, you want to determine whether you need engraved marks or embossed marks. Engraved marks contain text and/or logos that are actually engraved on the material. The embossed mark contains a cut acrylic part with applied lettering printed on this material. Embossed letters are usually used for signs that must meet the requirements of people with Disabilities.

Then you need to choose a colour combination. There are a number of combinations for engraved and embossed letters. The engraved mark material is usually two-ply, which limits you to 2 colours (1 surface colour and 1 core colour).

The surface colour is engraved to make the text visible in the main colour. For pop-up letters, the background colour is selected along with the application colour. The usual application colours are white, almost white and black. However, other colours are also available. Embossing also gives you a bit of freedom to use multiple text colours.