Rich Shapes And Excellent Performances Of Film Structural Architecture In Boston

An increasing number of architectures that are very similar to a tent and filled with softness are emerging in the urban legends, big parks in addition to street attractions.

Its rich fashions and graceful lines attract people's attention, and thus it's referred to like the movie structural architecture in the 21st century. To know about boston landscape architecture you can search the websites of service providers online.

Combining highly strength flexible film materials with the tension system, movie structure will thus form a distinctive structure with certain steeliness, and it's a high-tech engineer that's setting design, structural mechanics in addition to refined chemical and material science to one.

And it's widely applied in sports and exercise centers, cultural and entertainment centers, traffic and transport facilities, agricultural and industrial architectures in addition to the landmark architectures.

The most commonly-used movie materials in movie structural architectures are Ptfe movie material and Teflon film material. PTFE film material refers to the composite material that's shaped by cleaning PTFE resin onto the refine-glass-fiber woven cloth.

Along with the characteristics of Ptfe, movie material are high strength, very good durability, fire-proof attribute, and FR, long service life in addition to high light transmittance.

Apart from that, the solar reflectance of PTFE film material is 73%, so it will absorb less heat. Additionally, Teflon film material is the composite material that's created by brushing Teflon resin on the polyester-fiber woven cloth.

In the facets of strength and fire-proof feature, Teflon film material is poorer than PTFE film material, hence its service life is usually between 7 to 15 years.