Difference Between Authentic And Fake Noguchi Table

There are people out there who really know the difference between a genuine Noguchi table and its replica. Then there are individuals, like me, that don't have any clue how to tell the two apart.

There are several stores that sell high-quality Noguchi table. If you are short of money, you can buy a Noguchi table replica via https://www.modterior.com/Noguchi-Coffee-Table-Replica.html. But if you are looking for an original design, then this article can be a source of information for you.

Allen Marble Coffee Table, Black

I am pretty certain that there are far more folks like me, therefore this informative guide will be quite beneficial and will save you from falling into a snare and end up with an inexpensive piece of crap that you just spent countless dollars on.

To make it simple, I have put together a listing of these attributes which you will need to look closely at if you are confirming whether you are taking a look at a true Noguchi table.

The first thing to search for is the touch of Isamu Noguchi, which will be found in two areas – the border of the cover of the table along with also his initials on a medallion beneath the bottom.

This is a simple one – if the table isn't made of sound hardwood, it is a fake. Additionally, look at the blot of the wood as the actual tables are stained and not a few affordable spray which does not conceal scratches.

Ultimately, when the glass is 3/4" thick and squared off to the borders, you haven't anything to be worried about!