Guide To Mounting A TV On The Wall

The new class of televisions is thinner and lighter than the original flat screens introduced a few years ago, making installation easier for homeowners who make their own. The steps included are still the same, in this article, we will try to walk you through them.

The first step is to decide where you want to place your TV. Of course, your TV should be easy and comfortable to watch from your point of view. But there are two things to note, the height and glare of the screen. 

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The height should give you a comfortable view without being too high to cause neck pain. The best way to determine the height is to get a comfortable viewing position and remember where you plan to install the TV, and this is usually where you plan to install the TV. 

Glare on the screen is usually determined by the amount of light that enters the room, Therefore, try not to install it in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

The next step is to decide how you want to route your cables. There are several ways to hide the power and A/V cables; from quick and easy concealment to wall mount options that take longer. 

It's a good idea to know how you plan to manage your cable before deciding where to install your TV, as some locations may be more affordable than others for your method of choice.