Is VoIP the Right Solution For Your Business?

Note that you can use VoIP technology to connect different locations without substituting existing office phone systems. The gateways can be used with most PBX and important systems.

You can also create hybrid solutions; install VoIP phone systems at the main office and/or remote areas; use the same local phone service you currently use for each location or just the central location.


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Log on to each remote location (only VoIP phone or VoIP phone system) via the Internet. The size of the bandwidth of the internet connection pipe depends on the number of users at each location.

In the short term, VoIP offers cost savings; for long-term planning, offering VoIP connections to remote sites creates a new paradigm in the planning of future expansions and staff movements.

– Store managers may be connected to the telephone system of any store by working in another store or office remotely.

– Sales staff on a generalized market can be connected to the office via the Internet and have the same features as to be physically in the office. This eliminates the time in the car; improving productivity, and reduces costs.

– Improved customer service; because you can transfer a caller to anyone on your network the caller gets to the right person without having to make another call. Your customer is happy and your company can use existing staff and not have double staff in several places.